Mathilda Lewis

Part I Architectural Assistant

Mathilda graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. She attained a first class standard overall for her final year, with her highest marks in her special study, a dissertation with the title “Japanese Architecture: A Sense of Place” and her final project.

This dissertation was inspired by a research trip to Japan in August 2016 where she documented her journey through photography, exploring the juxtaposition and duality ingrained within Japanese culture, commenting on how its contemporary architecture draws upon phenomenological tradition to challenge the homogenous universal style.

Her final project, “The Inside Out Museum”, challenged the detachment of modern society from the making process, aiming to re-engage and de-mystify, reinstating the importance of craft through community engagement. Mathilda’s enthusiasm for craft has led her to design and make clothes and furniture, feeding an interest in architecture at a human scale, which carries through to her consideration of design details at an intricate level.

Mathilda will continue her studies at the Royal College of Art where she has received the offer of a place to complete her Masters in Architecture.